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A properly made fruity habanero hot sauce will amaze you with every bite. Whether you make a mango habanero hot sauce or use peach, apple or pineapple instead; they all complement the fruity character if the super hot chilies. Choosing a right mix of  fresh fruit and playing around with different colours of chilies will give you a different texture with vibrant colours every time. And what a bang in your mouth!

Habanero hot sauce added with some mangoes or peaches gives a fruity sweetness to the sauce that mellows it as well. The sauce, especially when made with fresh habanero peppers, is not to be messed with, like many other chilies. If you don’t know how hot a habanero pepper is, you can check them out using a heat index called Scoville units.

The habanero pepper has a heat index of up to 350,000 Scoville units, whereas a highly popular caryenne pepper has only 30,000 – 50,000 Scoville units. You can imagine the difference in hotness of these South African grown chilies and the sauce we make out of them. They give a great kick to the Mango or Peach Habanero Sauce incombination with a sweet and fruity base, resulting in a wonderful flavour and incredible taste.

At Mascoville, we provide the best hot sauce you can find in South Africa. Highly popular for bringing flavour to your favorite dishes. It’s fresh, it’s hot, and made of locally farmed ingredients to ensure a high-end product delivered in our signature bottles. Order our handmade peach habanero sauce now to put it on your dinner tabel as soon as possible. We make sure you will enjoy our sauces and definitely have a reason to recommend them to others.

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