We all are much aware of the hot sauces and the deliciousness it brings to our food table. Contingent on the availability of the type of chillies people from different nations prepares their cultural rendition of a sauce. Although sauces have always been popular for decades, the hot chilli sauces of several flavours gained admiration ever since the street food became common.

Almost every hot sauce every made is supposed to be made of chilli peppers of a certain intensity, flavour, and some other natural ingredients. The added funky is the most significant element in a sauce that gives life to the magical taste. Not all the time hot sauces focus on to burn your tongue, otherwise who could have thought that a sauce could have a mango flavour poring sweetness in the bottled paste.

Some brands so make use of artificial additives or chemical to give pepper a distinctive aroma. Mascoville doesn’t include any artificial element in our habanero hot sauce recipe. To ensure the quality of the chilli sauce, we avoid considering any artificial ingredient.

Just like many dishes, you can numerous variants of hot sauces incorporating new unique flavours in the mix. The Mascoville Original Habanero chilli sauce comes in three flavours: Original Habanero, Coriander and Extra Hot. Mascovillie is a renowned producer of homemade hot sauce in the Cape Town. 

If you want to experience the astonishing the taste of Original Habanero chilli sauce, then what are you waiting for yet. Visit our website to place your orders now. We are ordering and shipping in Cape Town. And write to us on our social channels how you felt the taste.


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