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For any dish.

Fresh, Hot and Pure. Mascoville has got it all going on. The hot sauce is Made in South Africa with only the best, fruity habanero peppers and locally farmed ingredients. The recipe, a well-kept secret, is 100% organic with no artificial ingredients. The proof is in the flavour! Perfect on eggs, pizza, curry, on your burger and all your favourite dishes.

“My burger feels naked without it”

Hot sauce perfection.

Mascoville is the culinary creation of two best friends, Ard and Thomas, with a passion for spicy food. Together they traveled the world in search of the perfect hot sauce. Finding out it didn’t exist, they decided to create their own. Resulting in an infusion of great natural flavors that merge the power of habanero peppers in an innovative hot sauce. Since then, it has been steadily growing in popularity in South Africa, and demand is spreading across the world.

“Eats hot sauce for breakfast”

Available anywhere.

Are you ready for your first memorable Mascoville Moment? It will make an impression you won’t forget. Mascoville Hot Sauce is available in three wonderful flavours in the webshop and in a growing number of retailers.

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