Finally, a Hot Sauce recipe that is so good, your
bottle of Mascoville won’t last a week in your fridge. Guaranteed.

We love real food. It’s our passion. That’s why we started making Hot Sauce in our own kitchen, to bring and share my passion for good food. And oh yeah I love spicy as well. We continually improve our recipe with Habanero Chillies from the Western Cape.

My name is Ard and I’ve been living in Cape Town for 5 years now. Originally I’m from The Netherlands, and cooking has always been my zen. In June 2019 we officially launched Mascoville Original Habanero at Fat Cactus in Woodstock. Check out the ‘About’ page for some images!

Mascoville | Original Habanero
Cape Town, South Africa

Me and my wife Terri at the launch event this June 29th. Great party at Fat Cactus in Woodstock! And lots of Hot Sauce tasting :).

See the Hot Sauce Habanero Launch event pictures below!

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